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Responsibility in Initiative

Responsibility is the ability to take a duty or obligation and satisfactory preform it or complete it and such must be fulfilled with a consequent of penalty in an event of failure, also according to my inspiring friend, Engr. Poloamina Tonka, he described responsibility as a combination of two words RESPONSE and ABILITY which can be defined by him as "response to ability".

Responsibility and initiative are key elements that can't be separated from each other, from the moment the first move is made, it takes responsibility to keep it going to maximize the potential, there maybe set backs, obstacles, alterations of an original plan, responsibility leads through to the objective of the first move (initiative).

The responsibility attached to every initiative is you, the you factor sets the limit, quality, objectives, goals. The you is the basics, how you respond to you could bring life or  death to the initiative you have taken to achieve your goal, to max out the you in you a few of the points below show be taken into deep consideration.

Outline the legitimate and realistic reasons for initiating your line of action.

Drawing up and keeping focused on the important points and objectives to actualizing the goal cause this deepens your sense of responsibility.

List out your limitations, possible setbacks, which could hinder the progress of your actions and map out plans to eliminate everyone of them and for the unavoidable ones how to accommodate them.

The biggest threat to reaching your potential is procrastination and it's only source is you, the more the procrastinate, the more difficult the task becomes, the more you lose grip of your objective. The only way to deal with procrastination is "DO IT NOW".

One of the easiest ways to bringing you to its height is assigning rewards to yourself every time success is achieves and deadlines are met and penalties for each time you fail and miss a deadline.

Steven Covey said " the key is taking responsibility and initiative, deciding what your life is about and prioritizing your life around the most important things ".