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Job search mistakes

With all the resources and advice available online, it’s astonishing to see people continue to make the same mistakes when job searching.

I’m not talking about the big, laughable mistakes like showing up to an interview inebriated or inadvertently bad mouthing a former boss to his best friend. I’m talking about the small, seemingly innocuous, yet completely avoidable mistakes people make.

But you don’t have to be one of them. Use this list as a sort of checklist against these common mistakes, and protect your job search against painful mistakes.  You should always avoid:

Typos on your resume
They make you look unprofessional, proofread with extreme prejudice.

Waiting for the job to come to you
You should be proactive, make a list of the top 10 companies or jobs you want and figure out how to go after them.

Relying on job postings
An online ad is going to generate thousands of responses. Instead, focus much of your time on networking to find those unadvertised positions.

Casual searching

This 1 Thing Is the Key to Leadership Success

The leadership landscape is as challenging now as ever. Business is done at light-speed, on a global scale, in the face of digital disruption that multiplies exponentially year after year. Leaders across industries need to continuously push for stronger performance and adaptability to keep pace. It's acutely Darwinian -- the enterprise either grows or it dies. That's why a tough-minded approach, that is hyper-focused on conjuring superior results, is required at the helm of today's organizations.
But while the climate in which business is conducted has changed radically, the leadership challenge remains largely the same: how do we, in a principled and passionate way, derive the best results possible from other people? How do we ensure our workforce adapts quickly to the changes of the modern age and performs to an ever-higher standard?  The toughest and most results-oriented leaders are increasingly discovering that the answer lies in building relationships. Effective lea…

FOCUS: The sense of direction

Focus means fixated (thinking) about one thing while filtering out distractions, to fulfill your potential you ought to cultivate the habit of being focused, in abundance and in the proper balance because failure to focus will leave you without a sense of direction, clueless and blindsided.
Being focused directs you, makes you strive to become better than you are, makes you elevated and has the potential to take you to actualizing your dreams, it doesn't come naturally to us but it is essential for everyone who want to maximize potential to cultivate one.

Kobe Bryant’s Powerful Letter to His 17 Year Old Self

The All-Star retired basketball legend Kobe Bryant shares his letter to his 17-year old self.

Kobe’s letter is below:
Dear 17-year-old self,

When your Laker dream comes true tomorrow, you need to figure out a way to invest in the future of your family and friends. This sounds simple, and you may think it’s a no-brainer, but take some time to think on it further.

Responsibility in Initiative

Responsibility is the ability to take a duty or obligation and satisfactory preform it or complete it and such must be fulfilled with a consequent of penalty in an event of failure, also according to my inspiring friend, Engr. Poloamina Tonka, he described responsibility as a combination of two words RESPONSE and ABILITY which can be defined by him as "response to ability".

Initiative: Escape from Inertia

The word initiative is defined as the first step or first move or first action taken towards an endeavour, where as inertia holds everything and everyone bond to its initial or original state and status quo, more or less keeping you from making that first move.

VISUALIZE it, you don't get SCARED...

The worlds great sportsmen are visualizers. They see what they want to achieve.
They feel it and experience it before they actually do it.

It is YOU

One day not too long ago the employees of a large company in St. Louis , Missouri returned from their lunch break and were greeted with a sign on the front door.
The sign said: “Yesterday the person who has been hindering your growth in this company passed away. We invite you to join the funeral in the room that has been prepared in the gym.”

Get Started

Great week it's going to be, because we are working on our goals.
An effective goal focuses primarily on results than activity. It identifies where you want to be, and in the process, helps u determine where u are.


Definition of motivation is quite simple - the reason or reasons why we do something or behave in a particular way. In this life, in my opinion, having a good and rational motivation means a lot, because it makes you believe in yourself and other people. That kind of motivation comes from ourselves and everyone around us. They have big and significant role in constructing the motivation that makes the difference.


I think and ponder why young people do not succeed in business. Simple drowning habits. A greater percentage of them sit idly, waiting for the 'Eureka' idea, the idea that nobody has had. But unfortunately, there is no Eureka without practice. Idleness is not a fertile ground for successful ideas.
So then what?


The title of some books can sometimes sound funny or make ones jaw drop.
Once I was searching for some books in a book shop, I saw this book titled

A Tale of Two Seas

As you probably recall, the Dead Sea is really a Lake, not a sea. It’s so high in salt content that the human body can float easily. You can almost lie down and read a book! The salt in the Dead Sea is as high as 35% - almost 10 times the normal ocean water. And all that saltiness has meant that there is no life at all in the Dead Sea. No fish. No vegetation. No sea animals. Nothing lives in the Dead Sea.  And hence the name: Dead Sea.

Don't give up, just keep on driving!

A story of steadfastness A lady was driving along with her father. They came upon a storm, and the young lady asked her father, What should I do? "He said "keep on driving"... Cars began to pull over to the side, the storm was getting worse."What should I do." The young lady asked?"Keep driving," her father replied. On up a few feet, she noticed that eighteen wheelers were also pulling over.