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The title of some books can sometimes sound funny or make ones jaw drop.
Once I was searching for some books in a book shop, I saw this book titled
“help, am married to an intercessor!”. I couldn’t help but laugh.
I was wondering why being married to an intercessor should be an issue. I thought that would assure you that you always have someone who backs you up in prayers but that was until I meet intercessors who were so spiritually conscious but not friendly or evening understanding. You see, it’s exciting to have them back you up in prayers but marriage… it’s almost a no, no.
Another book title that really got me saying, “What is that?! , was eat “Eat that frog” basically because I think that the hatred for frogs should be universal.
Frogs are ugly so who would likes them?
Those slimy little creatures would never taste good.
C001ADD86_70299260-3b60-11e5-ad75-0200ac11f42dBut then, I guess reading that book was the first frog I had to eat. So I eat it and got to understand that Brain really knew what he meant when he titled the book eat that frog.
Now, being faced with many things to handle at a time, and with the big pictures looking like a very scattered puzzle that can’t be fixed, so much so that I feel like packing my bags and resting forever, I totally do agree that all frogs may look ugly but eating  some does  leave good memories after they are eaten.
Some frogs are just ugly in appearance but eating them gives you so much satisfaction and not eating them would make you regret a lot of things.
Not eating them makes you part of the status quo.
It’s amazing how we crave for fulfillment in place of purpose but would also run from the task involved.
But no matter how life and the task of life awes us, we must learn to eat our frog, because they make us better.
And don’t forget that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.


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