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Initiative: Escape from Inertia

The word initiative is defined as the first step or first move or first action taken towards an endeavour, where as inertia holds everything and everyone bond to its initial or original state and status quo, more or less keeping you from making that first move.

Initiative has to do with something fresh, something new, something first, something of a beginning, it brings you to begin something, gets you out into the try-outs, it doesn't mean you will certainly win but increase the chances of winning rather than staying put and waiting.

If you have plans to reach your potential and exceed it, you have to show some initiative, for you to reach that potential you have to take that first step, there is no end in sight if you willing to get started and keep initiating, even if there seem no chances of success, without that first step you can never tell how far you might have gone.

Taking initiative doesn't mean the absence of fear, with initiative you keep moving forward regardless of the odds against you because as soon as you take that first step the fear is thrown out of the window, doing nothing out of fear is far more dangerous. We all have fears but should we let the fear control us or we take control of our fears?

The amazing writer Norman Vincent Peale wrote "Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence, inaction is not only the result but the cause of fear, perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustment will have to follow but any action is better than no action at all".

"If you want to close the door on fear, get  moving. People who take initiative and work hard may succeed or they may fail but anyone who doesn't take initiative is almost guaranteed to fail" - John C. Maxwell.

To achieve that dream, to reach that potential, to materialize that desire,  to get that goal, fulfill that objective, all you have to do is to pull out the gloves, roll up the sleeves, tighten the shoe lace, buckle the belt and take that first step, make that move, get into action, work for it and see where it takes you, which is better than sitting tight and waiting for the wind to blow the ship to shore.